The first year review

It has been one year since the start of this web site. I will write about some stats and reviews of the first one year.

The total page view for one year is about 4,100, and the average monthly page view is 337 (about 10 PV/day).

The monthly page view appears to be increasing (figure below). A very good trend.


The most viewed post (except for the Home page) is “How to run gmyc”. It counts 1.1k page views for one year (, about 1/4 of total page views). This is a natural result because the GMYC is now a widely used method and this post is the first place to read. Providing quick tutorials for the GMYC is the primary purpose of starting this website. It appears to be working well.

Another important GMYC related thing is collaboration. I was not planning to write  “Comparing GMYC species with other delimitations”. This post is based on the code provided by Jiajie. He also provided the web server running the GMYC as well as his PTP method. Although my contribution on the project is small, it is a good experience for me to exchange ideas with other researchers via internet.

The most read post about non GMYC-related topics is phylogenetic regression, on which I wrote a post titled “(1)” but I haven’t written “(2)”… When I google “phylogenetic regression”, this post and its plots appear on the first page of web/image search. This is totally unexpected. I guess that descriptions of the phylogeny-aware regression are still rare and this post attracts keen readers. The post may not be helpful for them now. I want to write better ones about this topic.

I wanted to write more reviews and coding-related posts. (I wrote just one review in one year! ) One bad point is that these posts are always about byproducts of my research interests and given less priority. They are often interrupted by  my primary works. It might be more interesting if I can do the web-based reviewing and coding on this website, but it is still difficult.


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