Splits download problem

The problem was solved. Now, the splits is available for download from the R-forge.

The R-forge site for the splits is now experiencing a problem of package building. Both source files and the binary package are not available for download. The install.packages command described in “how to install” do not work either. It is unclear when this problem is solved.

I put the source code and package file on Github for now.


This is only for temporary download. I have not decided whether the package will be hosted on Github or not.

If you are not familiar with how to use Git, a simple way to install package is following:

0) Make sure you installed the latest R and dependency packages.

1) Click the “Download ZIP” button at the bottom right to download the zipped files.

2) Decompress “splits_1.0-19.tar.gz” from the downloaded zip file.

3) Call install.pacakges on your R console to install from the local file.

>install.packages(“path/to/your/directory/splits_1.0-19.tar.gz”,  type=”source”)


3 thoughts on “Splits download problem

  1. Paulo Cesar de Paiva

    Dear Dr. Fujisawa,
    I am trying to install “splits” both in Mac and Windows downloaded from Github using
    install.packages(“path/to/your/directory/splits_1.0-19.tar.gz”, type=”source”),
    But I do receive the information, in both cases that the package is not available. I do provided the the right path for the downloaded files in both cases (Mac and Windows).
    Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance

    1. t.fujisawa Post author

      Dear Paulo,

      I have no idea why you saw the errors.
      One thing you could try on Mac is starting R from Terminal instead of using R console.
      Some users of Mac reported that the install.packages only worked on Terminal.

      If this does not work, could you copy&paste the command and the error messages so I can have more information about the error?


  2. Nelsy

    Dear Paulo,
    I am trying to install “splits” in Mac and Windows downloaded from Github.
    I used the command
    install.packages(“/Applications/splits_tmp-master.zip”, type=”source”)
    However I had the following error:

    Warning message:
    package ‘/Applications/splits_tmp-master.zip’ is not available (for R version 3.2.4)

    Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance


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