New multilocus delimitation code

I just announce that the codes for the new multilocus delimitation method are available at my Bitbucket repository.

The new program is called “tr2”, which stands for “trinomial distribution of triplets” model. It delimits species from multilocus gene trees by measuring congruence of gene trees between species and incongruence within species. It calculates the posterior probabilities of two types of trinomial distribution models and test within/between-species boundaries. A closely related methods are MP-EST, the triplet-based phylogeny reconstruction method by Liu et al, and the Bayesian species delimitation method BP&P by Yang&Rannala.

The tr2 implements a rapid algorithm to find the best delimitation under a given guide tree and an optimality score (AIC or posterior probability), which can run with more than 100 tip guide trees.

If you are interested in it, please visit the repository below and try it.

I assume that users have knowledge of Python and related programming tools like Mercurial. The program is not well-decumented now. I will write down detailed instructions in following blog posts.


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