I am an evolutionary biologist, who is interested in computing and large-scale data analysis relating to organism’s evolution, so called bioinformatics or phyloinformatics. I studied DNA-based species delimitation and its application to comparative analysis in my PhD. Now, I do virtually anything bioinformatic, from assembly of the next generation genome sequences to phylogenetic inference. Please see Research for details of my research interests.




Apr.2019-present Assistant professor, The Center for Data Science Education and Research, Shiga University, Japan

Jun.2018-Mar.2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratory of Animal Ecology, Kyoto University, Japan

Apr.2017-May.2018 Postdoctoral researcher, Evolutionary Bioinformatics Lab, Pasteur Institute & LIRMM, CNRS, France

Jun.2011-Mar.2017. Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratory of Animal Ecology, Kyoto University, Japan


Mar. 2012. PhD in Biology, Imperial College London, UK.

Mar. 2005. MSc in Engineering, Osaka University, Japan.

Mar. 2003. BSc in Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan.


Fujisawa, T., Sasabe, M., Nagata, N., Takami, Y. and Sota, T. (2019). Genetic basis of species-specific genitalia reveals role in species diversification. Science Advances, 5(6):eaav9939. https://doi.org/10.1126/sciadv.aav9939

Sota, T., Sugawara, H., Fujisawa, T., Fujimaki, T., Niimi, T. (2018) Knockdown of rotund gene through larval RNA interference affects genital and elytral morphology in the ground beetle Carabus maiyasanus (Coleoptera: Carabidae) Entomological Science, https://doi.org/10.1111/ens.12330

Fujisawa, T., Koyama, T., Kakishima, S., Cooley, J. R., Simon, C., Yoshimura, J., & Sota, T. (2018). Triplicate parallel life cycle divergence despite gene flow in periodical cicadas. Communications Biology, 1(1), 26. https://doi.org/10.1038/s42003-018-0025-7

Komurai, R., Fujisawa, T., Okuzaki, Y., & Sota, T. (2017). Genomic regions and genes related to inter-population differences in body size in the ground beetle Carabus japonicus. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 7773. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-08362-7

Koyama,T., Ito,H., Fujisawa,T., Ikeda,H., Kakishima,S., Cooley,JR., Simon,C., Yoshimura,J. & Sota,T. (2016) Genomic divergence and lack of introgressive hybridization between two 13-year periodical cicadas supports life-cycle switching in the face of climate change. Mol.Ecol. doi: 10.1111/mec.13858

Fujisawa, T., Aswad, A. and Barraclough, T.G. (2016) A rapid and scalable method for multilocus species delimitation using Bayesian model  comparison and rooted triplets. Syst.Biol. 65(5): 759-771. doi: 10.1093/sysbio/syw028

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Fujisawa, T. and Barraclough T.G. (2013) Delimiting species using single-locus data and the Generalized Mixed Yule Coalescent (GMYC) approach: A revised method and evaluation on simulated data sets. Syst.Biol. 62(5): 707-724. doi:10.1093/sysbio/syt033

Baselga, A., Fujisawa, T., Crampton-Plat, A., Bergsten, J., Foster, P.G., Monaghan, M.T. and Vogler, A.P. (2013) Whole-community DNA barcoding reveals a spatiotemporal continuum of biodiversity at species and genetic levels. Nat. Commun. 4:1892

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Papadopoulou, A., Bergstern, J., Fujisawa, T., Monaghan, M.T., Barraclough, T.G. & Vogler, A.P.(2008). Speciation and DNA barcodes: testing the effects of dispersal on the formation of discrete sequence clusters. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. B Biol. Sci. 363:2987-2996.


tomochika-fujisawa at biwako.shiga-u.ac.jp



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