A better plot function for GMYC result

I have received some emails and comments about the plotting function of the splits package. The plot.gmyc lacks some options. It cannot change the font size of the sample names, colors of tips, size of margins and so on. Surely, these options are important for the presentation of results. I have been thinking of updating the function, but its code is a mixture of codes written by several people and disentangling them appears a bit laborious.

So, for now, I upload a new version of the plot function.

plot.result <- function(res, cex=0.5, edge.width=1, no.margin=F, show.tip.label=T, label.offset=0) {
	plot.tree <- function(tr, mrca, cex=0.5, edge.width=1, no.margin=F, show.tip.label=T, label.offset=0) {
		traverse.subtree <- function(tr, n=1) {
			numtip <- length(tr$tip.label)
			sub.node <- tr$edge[which(tr$edge[,1] == n+numtip), 2]

			res.node <- c()
			for (sn in sub.node) {
				res.node <- c(res.node, sn)
				res.node <- c(res.node, traverse.subtree(tr, sn-numtip))
			return (res.node)

		numtip <- length(tr$tip.label)
		br.col <- rep(1, length(tr$edge.length))

		for (i in mrca) {
			for (j in traverse.subtree(tr, i-numtip)) {
				br.col[which(tr$edge[,2]==j)] <- 2


		plot(tr, edge.color=br.col, show.tip.label=show.tip.label, cex=cex, edge.width=edge.width, no.margin=no.margin, label.offset=label.offset)

	plot.tree(res$tree, res$MRCA[[which.max(res$likelihood)]]+length(res$tree$tip.label), cex=cex, edge.width=edge.width, no.margin=no.margin, show.tip.label=show.tip.label, label.offset=label.offset)

This plot function accepts the common options of the ape’s plot.phylo function, including cex, edge.width, etc.

You can change the color of edges by replacing “2” at the end of line 20 with another number or a color name. For instance,

br.col[which(tr$edge[,2]==j)] <- "blue" 

This makes branch colors blue.

The function can be used like the old plot function, and it should be more flexible than the old one.

 >res <- gmyc(test.tr)
>plot.result(res, no.margin=T, cex=0.3, edge.width=1.5)



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